Les bonnes tables

You've been asked to write a review of a restaurant for the school newspaper. In your review, tell the readers what to order for breakfast, lunch, or dinner the next time they go to that restaurant.

Step 1: Plan
Think about a place where you eat regularly. Using the chart below, record the foods and beverages you have eaten there. Note your opinion of each item on your chart. Save the chart in your H drive.
Here is an example:

Step 2: Rédaction
Look over your chart to see what types of food and drink you've had and what you think of them. Do you see any patterns? What conclusions can you draw? For example, are the main courses good, but the desserts bad? Based on what you learn from your chart, use affirmative and negative commands, the partitive, and expressions to comment on food to write your review. Tell readers what to order and not to order, and explain why.

Step 3: Application
Write your restaurant review in a new wiki page and be sure to illustrate your review with dishes you recommend. IMPORTANT - You must tag your page espace ecriture

Accent Codes:

ALT 0224 - à
ALT 0226 - â
ALT 0231 - ç
ALT 0232 - è
ALT 0233 - é
ALT 0234 - ê
ALT 0235 - ë
ALT 0238 - î
ALT 0239 - ï
ALT 0244 - ô
ALT 0249 - ù
ALT 0251 - û

Chapter 6 Vocabulary